Anna66 Andrzejewska



Creative photography / video art / installation / artistic experiment / READY TO COOPORATE

I was born in Poland. I am an active creator. In 2018, I was awarded a PhD in art in the field of fine arts in the artistic discipline: fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Since 2019, I have been employed at the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź as an assistant professor. I run a photography studio.

As a visual artist, I use photography, installation, video art and performance at work. At the center of my interests is the man with his questions about identity, life, transience and death. During my doctoral studies, I began to explore the use of photography, as a therapeutic effect of art on the person posing and the viewer. I believe that art is also of therapeutic importance for the artist, mainly in the area of ​​existential creative agency. I developed my full position, art - therapy, in my doctoral dissertation The identity of the image, in which I examined the context of the reception of an artistic work by the creator, the posing person and the recipient, as well as their relationship with the work of art. I performed self-therapy in the photography series The Family (2018). It is a record of creative portrait photos of my family. This cycle was exhibited min. at the Extravagance Gallery in Sosnowiec, the ZPAF Gallery in Warsaw, at the PH21 Gallery in Budapest, and in November 2021 it was exhibited during the OFF Bratislava International Photography Festival in Slovakia.